We’ve finally landed in San Miguel D’Allende!

After exiting our sweet little AirBnb in Mexico City, we ‘Ubered’ to the airport to catch our ride to SMA. It all worked out just fine, and before long we settled into our four-hour ride with Evil Knievel / Baby Driver at the wheel. Our coach was larger than most vehicles on the road, so we won every game of ’chicken’ Evil Baby launched us into. Pretty exciting at times. We stopped halfway to stretch and hoover down a sandwich which we purchased about six hours earlier.

It was amazing to watch Evil Baby thread the coach through narrow cobblestone streets! He actually was a really impressive driver and he deposited us in front of the steel wall that is the entrance to our place. Kinda fortress like, until the gates opened and we met José! The courtyard is an oasis in an arid dustbowl, and José is such a warm, generous host (and speaks perfect english). We were blown away! After a thorough tour of the buildings, José left us to settle in: the place was far beyond our expectations. We unpacked, whipped up a marguarita and marvelled at our good fortune. We paid no heed to the rumblings in our stomach, assuming we were hungry as it was now dinner time.

It didn’t take long to find the best pizza (of all things) in SMA just a few blocks away. We climbed to a rooftop via a steep iron staircase that would fit nicely into a chimney. Amazing pizza cooked to perfection with leoparding spots on the crust. We made it home stuffed and exhausted.

What transpired over the following 24 hours is best left untold. The wrath of Montezuma played out with the lead characters being an overheated sandwich with mayonaise, robust marguarita’s, and rich pizza.

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