The focus of today’s journey was the Frida Kahlo museum. The museum is her home, and it’s been preserved in honour of her short, tumultuous life (she died at the age of 45).

We lined up outside with a handful of other devotees until the doors opened, then we stepped into a wildly colourful world. Very few ‘major works’ but it was fantastic to see her studio, various collections of artifacts, and just to be in the home where she lived.

There were so many things to pore over, and more and more people filled the small rooms. It was very well managed for such an intimate space. Very inspiring.

In the courtyard

The museum also presented a number of objects that had to do with the transformation of the body, which was central to Frida’s work. Wracked with polio from birth, and the victim of a horrific bus accident, Frida underwent over 20 major surgery’s throughout her life, including the amputation of a foot.

Back brace

Frida championed traditional indigenous clothing in an era when many women were inclined to more ‘modern’ styles. There were a number of fantastic garments on display.

After the museum we wandered around looking for a restaurant that we walked past at least five times. We finally poked our heads inside and decided to move on elsewhere.
After lunch we wandered through a funky neighbourhood and hung out in a park that celebrated wild dogs. And there were dogs everywhere.
Once again, we came upon quite a number of intimate moments, couples oblivious to the world around them and lost in love. Sigh.

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